Should I Get Back With My Unemployed Ex Boyfriend? Before You Do, Consider This

Have you broken up with your boyfriend and now you are regretting a hasty decision? If your fight was about money, you should take a look at how you got to this particular situation.

Did you have a financial plan in place? You can not blame your significant other for your lack of discipline and planning of your finances. If your ex was always switching jobs and had no real direction, then it is no surprise that he is now still unemployed and a risk. Most careers demand constant instruction and upgrades. If your ex was struggling to go to school and hold down simple jobs to make ends meet, then you need to see beyond his present state and give him support and encouragement.

Can I Afford My Ex Boyfriend? If you are the only one working, you may be tempted to take in your ex and lend a hand. But can you really afford another mouth to feed or are you using your support to bring him back? Is he the type to help around the house and fill in when you are at the job? His ego may not allow for your to take on all the responsibility and this alone can cause a conflict in the long run. Does he make an effort to find ways to save or is he freely spending your money? Financial conflict is the biggest issue that breaks up a relationship. You need to be up front with your money expectations of your ex before you reunite with him. A financial plan, though temporary is in order to avoid major arguments and fights in the future.

Can You Give It Up? You may have enjoyed a different lifestyle with your ex boyfriend before he lost his job, are you ready to change? Special vacations, frequently dinning with friends and romantic gifts may not be in your new agenda. You will have to decide to focus your priorities on building a solid relationship based on basic values. It is the perfect time to spend more quality time together, walking, cooking, remodeling and new hobbies are a great way to get to know one another without distractions from the outside world.

Once you go over these areas, you may find that your ex boyfriend has some true values that you are still attracted to. Any financial climate can change in an instant. If you feel that your ex is just going through a bum deal, this could be the perfect time to show him just how much you love him and believe in him as a success. This show of encouragement could be just what your ex needs to get through these economic times.

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